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Installation Instructions

Installing Library JAR File

ComfyJ JAR files should be on the program's class path. The library files can also be placed on the boot class path or in the extension directory of Java runtime, but this is not required.

Installing License File

License file(s) is not the part of this package and should be obtained separately.

To obtain the license, visit the product's website ( and request evaluation or purchase the product.

The license installation steps depend on the license format:

  • comfyj.lic and jniwrap.lic or teamdev.licenses have to be put into the same directory as the native code library or in the META-INF subfolder of any JAR library from the application's classpath.

  • licence.jar or license.jar are JAR files that already contain the ComfyJ license in the required location, therefore, there is no need to modify the existing JARs or create a separate one yourself. All you need is to add this JAR to the class path of your application.

Warning: Do NOT rename the license file or it will not be recognized.