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Comfy 2.0 Release Notes

Post date: Oct 28, 2010 2:46:29 PM

New Features:

    • Added functionality for creating and registering Java COM servers.

    • Added the ServerManager tool for registering and managing Java COM servers.

    • Support for the IClassFactory2 COM interface.

    • New documentation for the ComfyJ library.

    • Added the ComfyJDemo application demonstrating ComfyJ's capability to integrate ActiveX controls into Java Swing applications and to interact with them using the Automation technology.

    • Added a new constructor to IUknownImpl that takes a Pointer.Void as a parameter for convenience.

    • New samples for the ComfyJ library.


    • Improved the Code Generation application, namely added the ability to generate Java wrappers for a type library as well as for a COM component.

    • Improved stability of the Variant and BStr classes.

    • Resolved several memory management issues in NativeResourceCollector.

    • Registration of a run-time COM server's interfaces is not required any more. Now IClassFactory automatically registers all interfaces implemented by the server class.

Fixed Bugs:

    • Fixed the problem with setting a BStr value in multi-dimensional SafeArrays.

    • Fixed the problem with reassigning a value in the BStr object.

    • Fixed the problem with showing modal OCX windows in OleContainer.

    • Fixed the problem with focus events in OleContainer.

    • Fixed the problem with processing keyboard events in OleContainer.

    • Fixed the Access violation problems in NativeResourceCollector.

    • Fixed the problem in SafeArray.release() method. It did not work when its AutoDelete property was set to false.

    • The Automation.release() method is deprecated since it is not necessary and confusing.

    • Removed the stack trace printing in the OleContainer.insertObject(IOleObject object) method if an object does not support the IPersistStorage interface.

    • Fixed the problem with reading a UInt value from Variant.

    • Fixed the problem with reading SafeArray (byRef) from Variant using the Varinat.getValue() method.

    • Fixed the memory leak problem when Variant contains a BStr.

    • Fixed the problem with releasing memory in the BStr class.

    • Fixed the problem with calling a dispatch method in IDispatchServer, whose DispID is 0.

    • Codegen: Added exception messages with clear error descriptions.

    • Codegen: Added a new option for handling non-labelled parameters in the Code Generation application.

    • Codegen: Fixed "FunctionExecutionException: c0000005" that occurs during Java wrappers generation .

    • Codegen: Fixed "Access violation: attempting to read memory at address 0000000A" that occurs during Java wrappers generation.

    • Codegen: Fixed the problem with generating CoClasses that have no default interface.

    • Codegen: Fixed various minor bugs.