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Comfy 2.10 Release Notes

Post date: Nov 15, 2012 11:39:53 AM

New Features and Improvements:

    • Added support of Windows 8 platform (32-bit and 64-bit modes);

    • Added support of Java 7;

    • Added support of the properties in Java COM servers.

Resolved Issues:

    • Resolved the memory management issues in output AutoDelete parameters of the virtual method callbacks (methods of Java COM servers);

    • Fixed the issue with assigning a return value of a COM callback in case, when a result is returned via return parameter;

    • Fixed the issues with conversion of standard JNIWrapper types in Variant.toObject() method;

    • Fixed ClassCastException in Variant.getCVal() method;

    • Fixed focus handling issues in OleContainer and OfficeContainer components;

    • Resolved the issues with embedding OleContainer and OfficeContainer components to the JInternalFrame containers;

    • Resolved the issue in OleContainer component with losing a focus in embedded RemoteDesktop ActiveX (MsTscAx);

    • Fixed OleContainer activation mode depending on a specified AutoActivateMode property;

    • Fixed activation/deactivation issues in OfficeContainer component when it contains Excel document;

    • Fixed the issue with displaying a “Save As..” dialog when Word document is embedded in OleContainer;

    • Fixed the issue with registration of a JVM in Server Manager application if a JVM path contains whitespace characters.

Resolved issues in Code Generator:

    • Fixed code generation issues for MS Office type library in Codegen application;

    • Fixed the command line mode of Codegen application;

    • Fixed JVM crash issues during generation of the stubs in Codegen application.