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Comfy 2.11 Release Notes

Post date: Jul 03, 2014 4:14:26 PM

Release Notes

ComfyJ 2.11 contains the following resolved issues:

    • Fixed exception handling and releasing of the native resources in the property setters of Automation class;

    • Added ability to specify the locale for Automation;

    • Resolved the issue with updating an embedded component after calling the file) method;

    • Fixed the issue in Codegen when it generated uncompilable code (due to ambiguous import) if a type library contains the redefinition of standard ISupportErrorInfo COM interface;

    • Fixed the issue in Codegen when it generated uncompilable code due to improper overwriting of a getter method;

    • Fixed memory leaks in Variant.setValue(IUnknown) and Variant.setValue(IDispatch) methods;

    • Fixed the repainting issue of an embedded component when OfficeContainer is inside JInternalFrame container;

    • Fixed releasing of SafeArray when it is a return value of a Java COM server method;

    • Fixed the pointer issue in IPersistFileVTBL class;

    • Fixed focus handling issues in OleContainer and OfficeContainer components on JDK 7 and higher;

    • Resolved the issue with disposing native resources in OleContainer on 64-bit JVMs;

    • Fixed the deadlock issue in the OleContainer.destroy method;

    • Fixed the issue with generation of wrappers for methods with optional parameters;

    • Resolved issues with opening InfoPath documents inside OleContainer;

    • Fixed memory management issues in the property getter and setter methods of IDispatchServer;

    • Fixed the handle leak issue in OleContainer;

    • Resolved the issue with reading SafeArray parameters from Variant parameters in Java COM server methods;

    • Fixed the issue with activating an embedded object inside OleContainer when it gets focus for the first time;

    • Fixed the issue with deactivating OfficeContainer component when switching focus to a native window;

    • Resolved the issue with handling VT_EMPTY and VT_NULL variant types in Variant class;

    • Fixed the focus stealing issue in OleContainer;

    • Fixed NPE in OleClientSiteImpl.onUIActivate() on JDK 7;

  • Added the ability to load a class factory directly from a library file.