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Comfy 2.2 Release Notes

Post date: Oct 28, 2010 2:47:22 PM

Changes since version 2.1:

    • Added IntelliJ IDEA plugin for ComfyJ Code Generator application.

    • CodeGen: Added processing of optional flag in the parameter specification.

    • IClassFactoryServer now searches for VTBL classes in classloaders for the interface and callback implementation class.

    • A proxy that is created by OleMessageLoop.bindObject(IUnknown) now provides full stack trace.

    • Added ability to handle user input in Yes/No/Cancel dialog in method if file already exists.

    • Added AddedAbstractOleControl class, which is the base implementation of OLE control. Also, SimpleSwingActiveX sample added demonstrating the usage of this new class.


    • Fixed the problem with reading BStr using Automation.

    • Fixed the problem with incorrect releasing Java COM objects of the same type.

    • Fixed the Java COM Server method returning SafeArray failure after aprox. 100 calls from client.

    • Fixed memory leaks when using PowerPoint in the OleContainer.

    • Fixed IllegalArgumentException when COM-to-Java method returns Variant.

    • Fixed failures reading BStr as return value of IDispatchServer.invoke() method.

    • CodeGen: Fixed wrong method name generation for event servers.

    • CodeGen: Fixed wrong method call generated for the methods accepting SafeArray* as [in] parameters.

    • CodeGen: Fixed the problem with generation of structures by ComfyJ generator.

    • CodeGen: Fixed javadoc generation.

    • CodeGen: Fixed the problem with CodeGen failing with no JDK installed, but only JRE.

    • Samples: Added LicensedActiveX component sample.

    • Samples: Added getSafeArray() method to all COM-to-Java samples.

    • Samples: Fixed Word Sample throwing ComException when trying to open a document second time.

    • Documentation: Updated documentation with more details about stubs generation and OleMessageLoop usage.

    • Documentation: Other minor documentation fixes and updates.

Known Issues:

    • In this version of ComfyJ, on 64 bit Windows XP, it is not possible to register Java COM servers using Server Manager application as 64-bit COM Servers. 32-bit mode works well as before. It is also possible to work with 64 bit COM objects in usual way. We are actively working on the issue and will try to fix it as soon as possible.