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Comfy 2.3 Release Notes

Post date: Oct 28, 2010 2:47:44 PM

Changes since version 2.2:

    • Added complete support of 64-bit Windows, which enables Java applications (running in 64-bit mode) to work with 64-bit COM and also to create and register 64-bit Java COM servers.

    • Added new Java and VB examples that demonstrate how to listen to events of a Java COM server in a native (VB) client.

    • Added new GUID.string2GUID method that allows to convert a string presentation of a GUID to the real GUID type.


    • Codegen: fixed the problem with wrappers generation in 64-bit mode.

    • Codegen: fixed code generation problem for Adobe InDesign Type Library.

    • Fixed incorrect IllegalStateException in IDispatchServer class when one of a COM callback parameters is NULL pointer to IUnknown interface.

    • Fixed problem in Variant class when working with ComEnumeration parameters.

    • Fixed the problem that caused CO_E_RELEASED COM exception in Java COM servers.