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Comfy 2.7 Release Notes

Post date: Oct 28, 2010 2:49:45 PM

New Features and Improvements:

    • Added OleContainer.takeScreenshot() method that allows taking a screenshot of an embedded ActiveX component

    • Added ability to register COM components for a current user only (COM ServerManager)

    • Added ability to get/set properties of a COM object by their DISPIDs, not only by their names (Automation)

    • Added support of IObjectSafety COM interface and wrappers for it

    • Added ability to specify a COM threading model for a Java COM server: -Dteamdev.comfyj.server.threading=[DEFAULT], APARTMENTTHREADED or MULTITHREADED

    • Improved stability of queryInterface() Java COM server method in multithreading environment

    • Changed the signature of IDataObject.getData() method in order to allow fill out parameter properly

    • Added an indication (in UI) that a Java COM server is an OLE component (COM ServerManager)

    • Added OSGI manifest to ComfyJ library

    • Provided the ability to get the HRESULT after execution of the function (Codegen)

Resolved Issues:

    • Re-parenting issue in OleContainer component

    • Flickering issues in OleContainer component

    • Focus handling issues in OleContainer component

    • NPE in the OleContainer.destroyObject() method

    • Issue in IDispatchServer class with dispatching methods that have SafeArray parameters, which contain a structure type

    • Problem with passing null BSTRs values through VARIANT byref

    • Corrected INTERFACE_IDENTIFIER constant (IID) of IDataObject interface

    • Issue in the code generation for WMP11 Type library (Codegen)

    • Issue with not determining the presence of installed JDK 1.6 and thus "Compilation", "JAR" and "Javadoc" options were disabled (Codegen)

    • Problem with generation of parameters for Pointer to Pointer types, such as LPWSTR* (Codegen)

    • Problem with generation of wrappers for "linked" structures(Codegen)

    • NPE in Codegen when it tries to find tools.jar library (Codegen)

    • Problem with starting application when there is no JDK installed on a PC (Codegen)

    • Added using of Wnd class instead of Int32 type in generated Java COM wrappers where it's necessary (Codegen)


    • Updated Programmer's Guide