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Comfy 2.8 Release Notes

Post date: Oct 28, 2010 2:50:10 PM

New Features and Improvements:

    • New OfficeContainer component which is designed for better interaction with MS Office applications/documents;

    • Ability to register Java COM servers with different usage parameters, such as REGCLS_SINGLEUSE or REGCLS_MULTIPLEUSE;

    • Automatic activation of OleContainer component with a specified verb when it becomes visible;

    • Ability to set a record value to Variant;

    • Added Java COM server example that demonstrates how to implement IConnectionPointContainer interface and how to fire events from the server.

Improvements in Code Generator:

    • Enhanced command line generator interface; now it allows the same scope of options as the GUI;

    • Added option for generation stubs for interfaces without explicitly defined parent interface.

Resolved Issues:

    • Fixed memory leak issue in COM event handling, when a method contains the reference to COM interface;

    • Fixed memory leak issue in Automation.getDispatchProperty, Automation.setDispatchProperty methods;

    • Fixed creation of a SafeArray with a structure parameter;

    • Fixed focus events handling in OleContainer component;

    • Fix incorrect structure alignment in GUID class;

    • Fixed the issue with disappearing of PowerPoint 2003 toolbar during resizing of OleContainer;

    • Fixed OleContainer.destroyObject() method to let embedded Word application unload properly.

Resolved issues in Code Generator:

    • Fixed generation of incorrect (uncompilable) alises for COM classes;

    • Fixed several issue when generating stubs with “Prefer Automation” flag;

    • Corrected generation of import paths to *Impl classes;

    • Corrected generation of methods with optional parameters:

      • using typified initializers instead of default Variants;

      • using Automation calls instead VTBL calls when "Prefer Automation" option is on.

    • Fixed generation of Java imports when dispinterface is used as the return parameter in generated methods;

    • Fixed imports for Variant class in when Variant.createUnspecifiedParameter() is used;

    • Fixed the problem with incorrect prefixes for property getters and setters;

    • Fixed problem with dummy property getters which return nothing;

    • Corrected generation of method for dispinterface wrappers (no methods of IUnknown interface added anymore);

    • Added missing constructors for alias types;

    • Fixed generation of method stubs that return SafeArray of record type.