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Comfy 2.9 Release Notes

Post date: Dec 06, 2011 1:54:38 PM

New Features and Improvements:

    • Added ability to expose custom Java COM interfaces from Java COM servers to other COM applications;

    • Added ability to use primitive Java types in methods of custom Java COM interfaces;

    • Added "vectorized" constructors to SafeArray class, which simplify creating of SafeArray objects from Java arrays, such as long[], String[], double[]

Resolved Issues:

    • Fixed memory leak while disposing unused OleContainer;

    • Optimized memory usage for BStr class;

    • Optimized memory usage for Variant class;

    • Optimized memory usage for SafeArray class;

    • Resolved memory leak issues in IClassFactoryServer and IUnknownServer classes;

    • Fixed instability issues in Java COM servers in multithreaded environments;

    • Fixed the issue with resizing of InfoPath ActiveX component in OleContainer;

    • Fixed read-only state of an embedded ActiveX component, if its OleContainer is located in a modal JDialog;

    • Fixed the issue with drawing a blank screenshot in OleContainer;

    • Fixed JVM crash issue after closing a window with OleContainer;

    • Fixed several minor issues in OleContainer component;

    • Fixed issue with color printing of documents in PowerPoint.

Resolved issues in Code Generator:

    • Improvements in Code Generator:

    • Fixed code generation issues with MS InfoPath 2.0 and 3.0 type libraries;

    • Fixed null pointer exceptions during generation of Java stubs for MS Office 12 Object library;

    • Fixed incorrect generation of method wrappers;